Jamie Ortega
So most of you know I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain for 16 years. My college friend once asked me if I would recommend Bahrain as a tourist attraction. I honestly didn't know. What I can say is that if you're looking for natural attractions, or theme parks and all, it probably isn't the place for you. BUT if you just wanna be in a pretty little city, or go shopping for hella cheap in stores like H&M, F21, Topshop, Zara etc., have a decent night out, and eat a lot, then you should check it out. It's a pretty little lit up country, especially at night. There is nothing like seeing the Bahrain lights when you are on the plane and about to land.

(pictures from weheartit.com, I own none of these photos)

American Alley, Juffair. Ahh. I miss this place the most. We currently stay in Juffair and I love it there. I love walking at night or in the afternoon. Everything is in Juffair!


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Jamie Ortega