Jamie Ortega
I've been watching One Tree Hill again. I don't watch the recent seasons, just seasons 1-3. Everytime I rewatch the show, I cannot go past season 3. In high school, OTH was very timely I mean we graduated the same time they did (on the show). 

I guess it's obvious that I liked Brooke Davis the most. I loved her character. I related so well with the character. And when Lucas finally chose Peyton, I grieved for her character.

I love Brooke Davis and I guess I wanted so much to be like her before. It seemed like that for a while. But gawd after the whole Lucas Peyton thing, I so don't wanna be Brooke. To see her best friend and the boy she loves together, ugh painful. And what's probably even sadder is all along, she knew it would happen.


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Jamie Ortega