Jamie Ortega
So this kind of vandalizing happens in CSB too. You'd think students from SHRIM would be classy what with our coats, skirts, stilettos and made up faces. I found these in the cubicle of the rest room on the ninth floor. (I would just like to say that the ugliest toilets are on the ninth and 10th floor. And we have beautiful toilets on the other floors.) I'm betting these were done by freshmen.
I had to change the contrast settings of the photos to show you what's written. The writing's not very dark in person. Translation: "Jem (I can't read the surname) is a slut" and "Paula Ortiz is a slut" with a bunch of side comments.
Girls, please fight properly. This stuff just doesn't work. How 'bout you try it in person, yea?


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Jamie Ortega