Jamie Ortega
I think that every female needs one of these in their wardrobe:
1. white button-down shirt
2. little black dress
3. sweatshirt
4. denim jacket
5. jeans
5. white shirt
6. golf shirt
7. leather motorbike jacket
ukay-ukaya term used for places that sell secondhand goods (such as clothing, shoes, bags, furniture, etc.) at dirt-cheap prices.

Yesterday was the first time I've been to the famous fashion-for-less haven of the country. You would not believe the pieces they sell here! They have vintage shoes that are making quite the fuzz these days and you wouldn't have to worry about being caught wearing the same thing as another person. They have many labeled clothes and shoes and bags from Abercrombie to MNG to GAP to Zara to Marc Jacobs. Unbelievable.

Ladies if you want original cheap finds, this is the place.

"One woman's trash can be another woman's treasure"
I'm in love with cropped tops. If you're a skinny, not so curvy girl like you you'd totally get it. I'm small chested (my biggest body issue), with bigger hips I think cropped tops work best since while I don't have toned abs I have a tiny waist. This will make you feel sexy and make other people focus on that tiny waist instead of what you may lack up there ;)
I love the printed, textured shorts!
I found this on Style Rookie and gawd, where does she find these??

I love the nebula prints! While I don't have the balls to wear these fluffy fluuuffffay shoes, these eccentric prints, collared dresses, loose slacks, are to die for!
Today is Thursday, fourth day in my one week term break :|

Anyway, I came across this 13 year old fashion blogger phenomenon Tavi. http://www.thestylerookie.com/ I looked through her blog posts and basically, that's what brings me here. I just wanna share all these awesome fashion finds. And maybe post in my own shots some time. ;)

Jamie Ortega