Jamie Ortega
It is no secret that I absolutely love Selena Gomez. Couldn't resist posting the pictures from http://www.mtv.co.uk/events/emas
I own none of these photos.
She sure loves to show off her long legs! (I would to, if I had them) On only a slightly different note, people always complain that when Selena wears something daring no one calls her a slut unlike Miley Cyrus. I think that's the difference class makes ;)
(okay super fan mode)
Hell yea! While I may be least likely to go out and wear stuff like this, I love this trilogy and I would love to pull off this look - minus the tattoo, the short hair and the piercings. This cannot be worn in the Philippines though, given the unmerciful sun. I still would love to buy myself a pair of leather pants and be able to wear it with my leather jacket (maybe in Bahrain). If not, a pair of sexy leather biker shorts would do.

Jamie Ortega