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First post after the hiatus.

I've been into these little girl socks for quite a while. I went to the kids' section of the department store to look for them. I have pretty small feet so I fit into ages 8-11 ones ;) Yes, I get really weird stares when I wear them but I think they're very fun to wear and add a nice, playful touch to your outfit.
High-waisted tweed skirt and cropped gray polo shirt both thrifted, fringe metal necklace from my friend Bianca, bangle and black oxfords from H&M 
I wore my socks with a schoolgirl inspired outfit when I went Agot and I took my brother to High Street.

Leopard print neon orange and black skirt and turquoise peter pan collared top both thrifted, bag from Forever21, Pink bangle from Singapore, leather watch from Disney Land, black H&M oxfords
Trying out color blocking. I was gonna wear hot pink tassel earrings but that would've been too much for the mall. I'm proud to say what I'm wearing is from Ukay Ukay. I love finding pretty, quality pieces there. And at such low prices. I wanted to accessorize more but I'm just staying with my parents right now so I don't have all my stuff here.
You're welcome :)

Designers (in the above order): 

Nicole Miller 

My personal favorites would be BCBG's, Christian Cota's and Charlotte Ronson's. I wish I had the talent to sketch my own interpretation of several Hunger Games costumes.
I own none of these photos. All photos in this post are from www.instyle.com
It is no secret that I absolutely love Selena Gomez. Couldn't resist posting the pictures from http://www.mtv.co.uk/events/emas
I own none of these photos.
She sure loves to show off her long legs! (I would to, if I had them) On only a slightly different note, people always complain that when Selena wears something daring no one calls her a slut unlike Miley Cyrus. I think that's the difference class makes ;)
(okay super fan mode)
Hell yea! While I may be least likely to go out and wear stuff like this, I love this trilogy and I would love to pull off this look - minus the tattoo, the short hair and the piercings. This cannot be worn in the Philippines though, given the unmerciful sun. I still would love to buy myself a pair of leather pants and be able to wear it with my leather jacket (maybe in Bahrain). If not, a pair of sexy leather biker shorts would do.
"Only that I'm so sorry that you won't be at my wedding... but I'm glad that you at least get to see my dress. Isn't it just...the most beautiful thing?"...I begin to twirl slowly, raiding the sleeves of my heavy gown above my head.

When I hear the screams from the crowd, I think it's because I must look stunning. Then I notice something rising up around me. Smoke. From fire....it devours my dress. I begin to panic as the smoke thickens. Charred bits of black silk swirl into the air, and pearls clatter to the stage. Somehow I'm afraid to stop because my flesh isn't burning. So I keep spinning and Spinning. For a split second I'm gasping, completely engulfed in the strange flames. Then all at once, the fire is gone. I slowly come to a stop, wondering if I'm naked...

But I'm not naked. I'm in a dress the exact design of my wedding dress, only it' the color of coal and made of tiny feathers. Wonderingly, I lift my long, flowing sleeves into the air, and that's when I see myself in the television screen. Clothed in black except for the white patches on my sleeves. Or should I say wings.

Because Cinna has turned me into a mockingjay.


So this my second Halloween to make my own costume. I decided to go as Robin just the day before the event so I wasn't able to complete the outfit with gloves. I also had to alter this green jacket, put a white stripe in front and the number 10 for Agot's Ben10 costume. :) I swear I'll start stitching earlier next time for an even better costume!

Maybe I should consider making costumes for friends for a fee next year. 
I'm not a fan of wallets or bags but I really want these. Oh ModCloth, how you break my heart! :(
I wonder if these are possible to make myself.
This is the first Halloween costume I made for myself. :) I can't wait til this year's Halloween. I wonder what I should go as. :D

So yea, I'm obviously new at this. Don't be harsh. Pardon my awkward knees, my awkward smile and my awkward poses (the last photo was candid actually). :)) Taken at Boni Heights.

I just mixed and matched the items I posted in my previous post. :) That's the green and white sheer top worn with the denim shorts. "Lovely" necklace from Forever21, white bangle from Greenhills and eels with ribbon detail from Jellybean. :)

I've already confessed how I first fell in love with Ukay Ukay when I first got to go to one. I've only been there thrice my whole stay in the country. Shame. I see nothing wrong with thrift shopping. Who doesn't like a bargain? While I will always love H&M, Topshop, and the likes, I still get the urge to go to Ukay Ukay and find myself unique pieces I know no one else can probably get.

Sweater-Dress Php 225;
 I have no idea who's face this is but it's a really good loose fit and the material is really nice. I usually wear this with high waisted shorts and tuck it in from the lady's nose. It's also pretty long (2-3inches above the knee) so I could wear it as a dress. And it goes well with white lace leggings.


Nude Blazer Php 135
I like to dress up really casual outfits with a Blazer (shorts, skirts, and dresses) 


Cream Short Jacket Php 135

I only started shopping in Greenhills last term. I usually just hang out there after dance classes or to have my gadgets fixed and boooy have I missed out a lot.

Denim Shorts Php 250
My first pair of denim shorts, they fit like a glove :)


Denim-ish Polka-Dot Dress with front zipper detail Php 200
Hands down, one of my best buys. It's fun and girly and you don't need to accessorize much anymore. It's just really pretty and it makes me feel like such a girly girl without overdoing it.

Okay so if you raided my closet you'd find a huge mess. Ha! You'd mind a loooot of cropped tops and the number of sheer clothing is also catching up. 

I really love the fit of this mint and white sheer top and I can't wait to wear it with my beautiful new shoes from Jellybean (the best Philippine brand in my opinion). It's just so breezy and cool to wear especially in the scorching heat.

The gray polo is also very pretty. I'd probably wear it with a black or really bright colored bandeau but hey if you can just wear it with a bra, that works too.

Sheer Mint and White Striped Top Php 275


Gray Sheer Half-Cropped Polo patterned with leaves Php 250

I'm thinking if I should do outfit posts since I'm here posting clothes (and everyone's doing outfit posts) :))  I'm just not sure if I can come up with interesting outfits. Also I don't have a fancy SLR to take pictures with. I'll think about it though.

Jamie Ortega