Jamie Ortega

  • I read a lot on murders. I end up reading articles on the web without knowing what got me on the freakin webpage. In the library, I've ended up reading about infamous murders in Hollywood. I've read about the JonBenet Ramsey case years ago and I've continued searching about development on the case from time to time. It happened December 25, 1996 and the case remains unsolved. I'm really into these cases but I regret reading about them afterwards 'cause I get creeped out, and I feel really really sad for these victims and that there are crazy horrible people out there. I really really hope little JonBenet gets justice.
  • I do not like romance novels BUT reading teenybopper books is a guilty pleasure of mine. I grew up reading Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, The Baby Sitters' Club and the like. I will always enjoy reading about Middle School and High School life. It's fun and stupid and exciting and very very emotional. And as much as I like reading books, I like watching movies and tv series. I've watched The Clique, Sleepover, Odd Girl Out, Victorious, iCarly, WOWP, House of Anubis. I've always loved The Secret World of Alex Mack, As Told By Ginger, Clarissa Explains It All, Shelby Woo and soooo many other movies and that was when I was just a kid!
  • I'm horrible at making new friends. I'm a really quiet person and not really sociable. There's only a few people in college that I consider my friends. I get invites to parties and all but I don't really go out when I don't know the crowd. I meet up with a few people in school, have some girls over at the dorm, and attend birthday parties but that's about it. The regular crowd consists of some high school friends and other people we've met in CSB and that's enough for me. Also I seem to have a common denominator of having someone be my "ate" in a group. I was like the most outgoing person in high school but I guess I have other priorities now :)
  • I will continue this list some other time because, don't tell anyone, we have a wifi curfew in the house. Shhhhh! :))

(Inspired by Agot)I like to try a bit of everything so last term I tried Still Life sketching so don't hate :) 
I'm really bad at drawing outlines and rough sketches and so I love shadows and basically shading because I depend on them to make my drawings well, whole and solid? I like shiny dark objects the best but I like drawing glass as well cause you have to make it seem transparent and sort of thick but kind of thin, you have to show the shape of the inside of the vase without really drawing much of it. 

ANYWAAAY, I'm not done with Still Life but I can't wait to move on and draw naked people. Ha!

Attempt to draw different.. errr material.


I swear this one looks better and shinier in person.


next attempt: different texture


that's supposed to be an apple, a plum, an orange, a lemon and an egg (which looks abnormal). I enjoyed drawing the plum the most trying to get it to look shiny and smooth :D


and that's supposed to be a stone (that ended up looking like bread) and some shiny, reflecting pot (one of my favorites)

Next is metal-y shiny objects


that's a faucet and part of the sink, a kettle and cutlery(this one's my favorite of all cause it took so darn long to get the spoon and fork right)

and now a combination of materials


Not the best I know, I had a problem drawing the wheels. I have no idea how to make them look rubber-y. So yea


1. Red wallet from Tita Marife - keeps my keys and money ;)
2. E.L.F. Clarifying Powder in Ivory - i like this the best   'cause I never get zits using it unlike some of the big brands, plus it's really affordable.
3. wet n wild bronzer in Goddess - This is the first product I tried of wet n wild. It's a US brand somewhat new in Manila. It's a tad more expensive than E.L.F. and other local/Asian brands. I'd say it's in the price range of Maybelline and Etude House. I use bronzer instead of blush.
4. CSB ID :D (props to my sister for the ID strap & holder)
5. Timezone Card - whaaaat? Timezone is awesome
6. MRT Card
7. Rennie - dysmenorrhea, stomach pain, drunkenness pain reliever from my sister
8. Blush/powder brush
9. wet n wild ultimate brow kit in ash brown - I cannot go out without "coloring" my eyebrows. I have really thin eyebrows but using eyebrow pencil makes it look too harsh. This set comes with 2 shades of brow powder, brow gel, brow brush, and small tweezers. I've had it probably for 6 months now.

10. Clarins lipstick in a light rose-ish shade from my sister - I use this and MAC's faux a lot because their just the right natural shade of pink. This one is less nude than Faux and I love it 'cause it's really moist, no need for lipbalm.
11. Strawberry Chapstick - Manila is freakin' hot. I cannot live without my chapstick.
12. MaxFactor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow stick - I don't usually bring this with me every time but it's great when you've been out all they and have to change quickly for a night out.
13. Revlon ColorStay in warm cocoa - I like to switch up from nude pink to warm brownish red lipsticks especially for school (we're kind of obligated to wear a bit of make-up). It's not too bold, it's just right. And some outfits look better matched with red-toned lipsticks than pink.
14. E.L.F. Highlighter and Concealer
15. my trusty big toothed black comb 

On the night of January 12, 2011 I was on Facebook when Joann Tho messaged me to ask if I were also following the Miss Cebu 2011 pageant. I was. It wasn't only me but a great majority of our high school batchmates waiting on the Miss Cebu profile to announce the winners and post pictures. Before we knew it Mia Ali - our ex Student Council president and valedictorian was crowned Miss Cebu. Soon everyone's status was "Congratulations Mia!" and the whole batch and PSB rejoiced ;)

I've known Mia since the 2nd grade and she was always exceptionally beautiful and smart but also a very down-to-earth friend who enjoys corny jokes and a little mischief now and then (code: Jade, Joann, can of beer?). So when Mia won, "nagkalat ng saya ang buong batch", said Cyril Villanueva. We had a mini online reunion to celebrate. Well what can I say, our batch was made for greatness and this is only the beginning.

Honestly Mia, you have inspired a great deal of us and we are so proud of you! You are one humble gorgeous lady! :)

I decided I wanted to do an interview but I couldn't really start right away because a few weeks after the whole issue in Bahrain blew up. But here it is people, I hope you enjoy. :D

1. SOOO THANKS FOR AGREEING TO DO THE INTERVIEW :D How does it feel like to be a beauty queen? Do you feel any different? Are you treated any differently by people around you?

- Haha. Nothing much different. Same lang ng dati. In school, although it i know they're trying to treat me nothing more than a student but sometimes it feels like i'm under a double standard just because of the title.  

2. Did you always want to join beauty contests ever since?

Never. I'm sure you understand that. :)) Honestly, since Ms.UP I was just forced to join and then since I haven't got any stand on beauty pageants I just went with the flow. 

3. How has Miss UP, Miss Cebu, well actually, how has the Philippines changed you? I mean, I've known you as Mia, our classmate, our SC president, friend, joliv's bestfriend. You were more of a homebuddy, yet you were fun and could get crazy sometimes but still, very reserved. You were the leader, made sure people followed the rules but you wouldn't mind standing up to teachers. You were a bit feared but more loved, really. You've only gone out with the group a couple of times. You liked to joke around, oh hell you were a "joker", you had crushes, you liked tennis. AND I will always remember you would always say "If there's a will, there's a way". That's how I remember you. How much of that has changed?

- (in this question, it seems like i changed a lot no? pero di naman masyado. haha)  There are some changes of course, with me making my own choices and living away from parents but from the way you've seen me before, pretty much I'm still the same. Though this time, I get to go out more often though most of those are spent on school or Ms.Cebu stuff. I'm still a homebuddy and a really embarrassing corny joker (haha). Still am a huge fan of tennis. In fact I'm coming to be a fan of Philippine tennis too. And I still have a million crushes. My roommate is actually keeping a list of them (silly). Not the leader that I used to be though. The only org that I have been actively participating is our debate society. College is pretty hectic to juggle things.

4. What's it like being in a real pageant? Did you feel any of those intense rivalry among other contestants like in the movies? Were they ever mean to you? 

I guess you're referring to Miss Cebu. I've heard from other candidates who've joined other big pageants that rivalry does happen but in Miss Cebu, thankfully none. This might be too showbiz of an answer but they're all really friendly and real.

5. Did you ask your parents first before entering the pageant? What was your dad's reaction (him coming from a more conservative background)? 

I didn't tell my dad until I won. haha. Miss Cebu is wholesome, no bikini stuff so it was fine. The main role of a Miss Cebu is actually to promote the city's tourism. The tourism commissioners are conservative themselves so there's no conflict of interests. 

My mom knew but I guess it wasn't a big deal. She's not a big fan of pageants either. 

6. You cannot disagree when I say that you are now a celebrity, atleast our celebrity :) Do you ever get paparazzi or fans asking for your picture/autograph? 

Wow. Me? Celebrity? Maybe a teeny tiny bit. At least in school, in the newsroom (where I'm doing my internship this summer), in our neighborhood and maybe to a few people around, yes. 
Nah. Di naman paparazzi. We only get to be photographed by photographers during events or when may makakarecognize sa mall which rarely happens naman. People recognize pero hanggang dun lang.

7. I know you are super focused and boys will never come in between studies but can I ask, how is your love life? I'm sure you've got dozens of suitors! 

No boys. There are some na nagpaparamdam but nothing happens.  

8. Okay, what can we expect next from Cebu's fairest? :)

No more pageants for me. I should learn how to say No. haha. I still have the same goals as I had in high school so I'll still pursue them. Nothing to do with beauty queens. :)

9. A message to all your supporters especially the PSB family

Mahal ko kayo. Joke lang. Here: I'm sure you'd never thought I'd enter such competitions but I guess my competitive side was just challenged. Thanks for the likes and comments in facebook. They do make me smile. PSB holds a big part in my heart. 
10. Last question, do you get to keep all those gorgeous outfits from the beauty pageant?

Unfortunately no. But I get to be friends with designers who are very willing to lend me dresses when I need them. :)

(images from Facebook photos of Liezl Rigunay, Hannah Samal, Ryam Zapanta, Mia Ali, and Miss Cebu page. I do not claim any of these images.)


Anyway Mia, here's a message from one of your bestfriends:
To others she’s Ms. Cebu, but to me aside from having such title, she’ll always be my BFF my bestfriend, my buddy and my sister. I can attest and say she is an obedient daughter, a responsible student, a loyal friend, and the simplest and most humble person you’ll meet. 

She was my buddy especially when it comes to asking the teachers to postpone quizzes :))) A comrade that I know wouldn’t leave me in battle :) We were able to conquer and finish high school together with flying colors. Although in college we had to go our own ways and quite lost contact with each other I hope you didn’t think I ever forgot about you. Ofcourse not. I was your fan Ms.UP Cebu haha and now officially Ms. Cebu I guess so much has been happening to you now and I am very happy and grateful for that because I know you deserve it. I wish more good things for you. I miss our oh-so-long telephone calls back then just talking about how our encounter with our crush was hahaha that lucky guy! Who would have known, right? HAHAHA 

I miss both you and Liezl so much I hope we could make up for the lost time kaya we’ll be waiting nalang for our ticket to Cebu. Thank you dear :))) 

I’ll be here to support you all the way. God Bless. See you when I see you :) -Joliv

I wasn't a perfect teenage daughter but I would never ever be rude to my parents. I'd never say bad things about them to their face and go on and on and on about what a bad example they are. I would never tell my mom "Let's get scientifical.." and justify staying up late stating things I learned off the internet (which is mostly bluff, I can tell, the thing about your arteries exploding, losing 32 years of your life is complete bullshit). I would never act like a know-it-all and show my parents that I know more things and more facts about life because I read more stuff on the internet. 

So get a life first, and some manners. When you plan to use "facts" for a better argument, make sure you read them in the news, or in a book/any work published and verified by experts. When you're in college you'll understand that the internet isn't a good source of research. Oh heck even in elementary they teach the scientific method.

I don't mind if you don't say anything about it. I don't mind not getting any appreciation but when you insult my efforts that's what gets me. I hate tackless people who can't appreciate effort but can bring you down with words. So yes its cheaper to buy than to make from scratch. Buying is better. It's the thought that counts. I guess for some people it's the thought and practicality that counts while thought and effort won't get you a thank you instead you get criticism shoved in your face. I guess I should understand it's a different lifestyle and culture - it's a lazy materialistic one. But people can't be blamed for the morons they are. But please you don't have to share your insulting insults to everyone you talk to. And clearly it wasn't necessary to tell me that. I don't know what's worse - people crushing other people's efforts on purpose or being used to insulting without intention. THINK BEFORE YOU FUCKING SPEAK.

Never again. Next time will be for people who appreciate what you do for them especially on special occasions.
Before anything else, a big THANK YOU to everyone who still reads my blog. It's not really a big number I'm just glad to see the stats and see there are people who regularly check out my obsessive, complaining sometimes dramatic sometimes nonsense sometimes narcissistic posts. Thanks for the time. :)

photos from weheartit

I'm sorry I cannot stop posting about these books. The movie is gonna be out soon and I don't wanna be selfish but It's not gonna be the same when everyone knows about it. Good that their gonna get a bigger fanbase but I hate it when there are know-it-alls cause let's face it, many many people are like that. If you read the books, fine, but if you're just basing it on research.. not cool. I want it to turn out like the Harry Potter saga not Twilight.

I'm not sure how the movie can ruin the books I'm just sure that movies find ways to all the time but I'm sure it's gonna be a movie to see anyway. I love how the story is so much like our world now. It's not exactly and literally like what takes place but the whole concept it's based on. I love the drama and the tragedy as well. And I love Peeta Mellark

So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or Not?"
I tell him, "Real"

Honestly, I liked Gale better in the beginning but I'm for KATNISS-PEETA.
Gale's too... well risky I guess. He has anger issues. He's too focused on his feelings that he sometimes loses emotions and his sympathy for other people. I guess this is why I don't like Damon for Elena (TVD), Sure he loves Elena but he doesn't mind hurting the people she loves. Stefan would never think of it. 
I like Peeta. He's gentle and would never hurt anyone. He seems so warm and sweet but protective and he seems funny :D
Sooooo Movie, please be good. I'm super excited for you. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE TRIBUTES' COSTUMES FOR THE PARADE! Peeta and Katniss on fire ftw!
I'd order bananas and chocolate syrup from the coldstore downstairs. Slice the bananas and pour syrup all over.

Or I'd put the bananas and chocolate syrup in a blender.

Or I'd find flour in the cupboard and make crepe or pancakes and add tiny banana slices and choco syrup.

I'd buy strawberries and condensed milk and that was heavenly.

Or I'd search up a brownie recipe then buy baking chocolate in Al Jazira. If I'm lazy I'd just buy Betty Crocker cake mix and make my own icing.

When I'm on a tight budget I'd just buy some kari-kari chips and dip them in vinegar or slice up cucumber in vinegar and pepper.

I'd also try banana and peanut butter sandwiches but ofcourse make my brother try them out before I did.

I miss my little brother :D

It's summer and I decided to spend my less than a month summer break in the dance studio.
I've always loved dancing and danced since forever - no formal training or anything til now that is.
My parents are part of the Filipino Bowling group in Bahrain and I got my first gigs dancing during anniversaries and special events. I went to PSB which exposed me to many dances including folk, ballroom, cheerdance and I guess a bit of pop/hiphop. I loved ballroom the best.

Anyway I got a pretty good offer at Movement Dance Studio. It's Php2888 which is roughly BD25? It's a one month unlimited thing so I can attend any dance class I want in a day for a month :p
So far I've tried popjazz, latin jazz and hip hop. On Saturday I've got Belly Dancing and Vegas Strip. 
I'd really really like to try Pole and Ballroom but they're night classes and I'm scared to go home at night since I dont know the area. I'll try atleast once though. 

yes after taking this photo I swung around the pole :))


"It's not who you are that holds you back, it's who you think you're not."

We have to learn to be our own best friends because we fall too easily into the trap of being our own worst enemies.  ~Roderick Thorp, Rainbow Drive

"You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them."

"Your problem is you're... too busy holding onto your unworthiness."

I wish I could find a way to help you but we're not so different.
You're amazing and you should see that.
You should give yourself a chance and you know it.
Maybe then you'll see all the great things you do and can do

Jamie Ortega