Jamie Ortega
Did you know penguins only ever have one mate in life? They spend like half of their lives searching for that one mate and stay with t

We grow up watching fairytales that tell us there is one princess, one prince charming for each of us. This tells us there will always be that one true love whom we would fight dragons, evil witches and abusive step-relatives for.

Whe we reach our teenage years we have songs to crush the very idea of fairytale relationships. We were given Dawson's Creek, One Tree Hill, Gossip Girl, all the movies, the TV series and the music to tell us that you are going to break your heart a few time before you find the right person - that one person worth the pain, the one after many, the one we'd eventually marry.

When you're an adult Desperate Housewives is laid in front of you. You have your first romance, break your heart a couple of times, find the one you're destined to marry, after like 3 kids, fifteen years, you find yourself middle aged, unhappy in a loveless marriage.

If you were married in America you could join the 52% of couples who get divorced. The Real Housewives of Bahrain on the other hand, continue to live with their husbands and kids as the real housemates of their spouses.

In the family, I didn't grow up with a good marriage example. It also broke my heart when I heard of similar stories of the married couples I used to admire so much. It is my great fear for romance and love to fade away. It is my greatest fear for romance and love to fade away after marriage.

I am not being ignorant of reality. I just believe that when you choose to marry, you must believe, "this is the person I want to be with my whole life" and you would woork together to stay inlove not just for the kids. I think if you're getting married and you're thinking this might not last, but that's okay cause things won't always turn out like you want then maybe, just maybe you're not ready for marriage. No one thinking, "this may not be my last marriage" should even be married.

If you think being alone is sad, I think living with someone who you can't find a way to love anymore, for the rest of your life because you both didn't try to work it out is even sadder.

I'm not for multiple marriages UNLESS
a) you are physically/verbally abused
b) your kids are physically/verbally abused
c) adultery is committed

Other than that, you once chose to love each other til death, what the fuck happened?

Jamie Ortega