Jamie Ortega
I love when my new girlfriends tell me we look so cute and good together.

I love how when you lead the way you bring your hands to your back for me to hold.

I love how you take a step down from me on the escalator to hug me better and so I can kiss you better.

I love that salute greeting thing you do when you see me looking for you in a crowd and I find you.

I love holding your face in my hands and you leaning on my shoulder when you're tired even though I'm too short.

I love that when we're in your house you kiss me as soon as your mom turns her back. 


I love how the shots look environment-friendly :) I didn't get to smile the whole shoot but I guess the pics turned out fine. :D 
Today marks the beginning of my term break. BMAT2X for my last exam.

In between doing my final projects and cramming for my final exams. I've managed to squeeze in 4 books, 2 1/2 seasons of a TV series, and getting wasted. Yep, I'm definitely in college.

I've read Stieg Larsson's trilogy: Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played With Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest.

I've read Hunger Games - the first book. I finally bought it 'cause I actually found it in paper back. It's gonna be a painful month. The other two books are not in my budget. And if anyone is reading this, please buy me the next two books!

My cousin's have also made me start watching this series, Bones starring Angel from Buffy and Emily Deschanel (yes Zooey's sibling). Actually, what drew me in is Michaela Conlin. My cousin posted her picture on my Facebook wall. I found my Doppelganger.

Last Saturday I was with Agot and his slightly elder cousins Pau and kuya Jonats. So they pick me up at the dorm, drive to Mall of Asia where we did not watch a movie. Drove to Resort World which has a mall, hotel, casino, a club and a movie house. Everyone was overdressed at that place. It made the aura seem pretentious. Tough luck movie was at 3:30am. Drove to Fort, after going around Fort Strip walked over to Distillery got a Raspberry Vodka Absolut (I strongly discourage you guys, this drink is as sweet as syrup) which we had to drink up in less than an hour since Pau had a curfew and would not drink. So the 3 of us finished half the bottle. I ended up in my room, lied down then begun my drunk calling and texting. -This was just added here to show you I'm not thaaat boring ;)

These activities have only messed up my already screwed up thinking. They're all about crazy governments, conspiracy theories, and fight for freedom. I think I'm slowly turning anti-democratic. Reading and watching has also made me ridicule Big Brother and other reality shows alike. Now I won't spoil the books and the show for you but I strongly recommend them. Enough with the Twilight crap, Nicholas Sparks mush, have some good reads, and action.

I would now like to be a forensics expert, a world-class hacker, and an assasin. I'll write about my theories some other time when I actually find time.

Photoshoot this Sunday! I'll leave with that last random statement

MICHAELA CONLIN, doppelganger. Agree?

RIP Rich Cronin - singer-songwriter of the 90s boy band LFO. He was only 35 years old. Died of leukemia

I've been listening to Summer Girls and most especially Girl On TV a lot lately. Even learned to play it on guitar :)

Dear Mr. Cronin, your music made the 90s extra special. I betcha your memory and music will live on :)
INTRO/disclaimer: Okay there's this blog challenge that I've seen going on. I don't have time and resources. And I like being a rebel so I'll jumble up this challenge

1.) I like action movies. No matter how loud/violent/bloody. I love watching those kinda movies in the Cinema, lucky boyfriend. :)

2.) I don't like reading love stories. Reading love stories will give you expectations. Expectations will lead to disappointment. Reading love stories will also give you quotes to make you justify wrong actions.

3.) I'm a sweet tooth and I love crime/detective stories.

4.) I have a good long term memory (horrible short term). I'm sentimental that way. I can remember what you wore and what you said and how I felt that time.

5.) I've taken up Aikido. I wasn't half bad at it too! I've always wanted to be an assassin when I was little. Gogo from Kill Bill was my idol. Too bad martial arts hurts and is a pain in the whole body.

6.) I think I read abnormally fast. I remember back in Prep, my teachers/aunts and uncles/parents tell me I read and recite too fast. Okay my record is 3 novels in a day. I'm serious. I think reading and digesting is my strength. I have yet to find a good use for this other than for my own pleasure.

7.) I love dancing. I'm not exceptionally good at hiphop and I'm not a ballet dancer but I've got good enough coordination. I love ballroom dancing. I love Viennese Waltz but tango the most. I think tango comes naturally to me. It's a game of seduction, that's all. It's extremely fun.

8.) As far back as I can remember, I've always kept a small notebook as a kid. I'd write down quotable quotes I'd hear and come across. I always thought I'd be a writer some day. I don't feel that way much now though but I guess that helped me become an okay high school amateur writer. It definitely helped me in English and in essay writing contests.

9.) I am deeply in love with my boyfriend Augusto, can you tell?
INTRO/disclaimer: Okay there's this blog challenge that I've seen going on. I don't have time and resources. And I like being a rebel so I'll jumble up this challenge.



1.) through my little brother :) hey, if you can get along with him plus points for you

2.) my favorite candy (Betty Crocker's Fruit by the Foot and Fruit Gushers) - i think this is the key

3.) if you can carry a good argument with me. Nothing turns me on like an intelligent exchange of opposing ideas/rebuttals.

4.) two words baby: Ferrero Rocher - no explanations necessary

5.) if you can be brave enough to tell the whole world and/or world wide web that you're inlove with me

6.) if you watched a movie I really really wanted to watch, lie to me about watching it then watch it with me.

7.) be nice to kids and parents. I love a guy who's good with the young ones and oldies.

8.) Call me pretty/cute when I most need it 

Jamie Ortega