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There is nothing like seeing your anniversary date on the back of your boyfriend's jersey. There is nothing like being invited to watch his basketball game even though you're the only girl around. There is nothing like him being all sweet to you in front of the whole basketball team. :)

Congratulations on the first game, love! I'll be there to watch all the others.

  • My golly! Such well-bred, attractive people! No wonder they have the guts to be sluts and pricks.
  • Fix You can make me cry.
  • Onions stink and cling.
  • Some places have really low standards. Big fish in a small town, but if it makes you feel good, atleast we have something to laugh at.
  • The rain is pouring, like fucking pouring.




There is nothing better than to have that person be all over you very openly, without holding back. He can't keep his arms off you but it's not like you're trying to break free. You do try, just because you know when you do, he'll hold on tighter. He gives you sweet sweet kisses on the forehead and cheeks. He looks at you like he first did and you just know in that moment, it's all true and real.

I don't mean to be cheesy. I just feel really happy and lucky to have these moments. And honestly, I hope everyone gets to feel this way. :)
This party was SO high-school-house-party-in-the-movies. Smoke machine, lights, music, Bacardi 151 + vodka + tequila etc. etc., "almost" fights, dancing, breaking the doorknob, breaking the bathroom door, throw up session, writing/drawing on wasted person's face, wasted person rolling on his own vomit and smoke everywhere *smh*. And that's what they were going for.

Kudos to Ate Lyka and Harry for an awesome party. I'm not very much of a party person anymore but this is good once in a while. Great night! :)

photos from our friend Justin Cyril. I do not own any of these :)

SYNOPSIS:Robin can't believe it when her boyfriend, Chris, tells her that his parents have enrolled him in a summer program in Rome. It's their last summer together before he goes away to college, and now they won't even have that time together. It feels like the worst thing that's ever happened to her.Since Chris is leaving, Robin agrees to join her aunt and cousins on a cross-country road trip, in spite of her reservations — she and her younger cousins have never really gotten along, and since their father's death they've become even more problematic than before.

Soon the four of them are zigzagging through the West on an eye-opening journey. They explore parts of the country Robin never dreamed existed — and she discovers inner resources she never imagined she had.

I came across this book when I was still in Los Baños. I bought it in BOOK SALE where books are dirt cheap and I was first drawn to the cover design. Sadly it's still at my aunt's place in Los Baños along with atleast 20 more books boxed up.

I was really able to relate with it being seventeen and inlove and staying with relatives and just being in that stage where change is inevitable. The characters are colorful, the scenes are picturesque and the drama is all you can ask for. ;) The girl, Robin, is honestly such a needy somewhat immature in the beginning but she transforms quite beautifully.

I will always hate myself for leaving those books behind especially this one. This has a special place in my heart.
I'm officially a citizen of District 4 (atleast according to the official website)! :D May the odds be ever in my favor!

Day made. Now Finnick, where are you? I'll be waiting :))
Maybe if I got to hang out with you people more, I'd forget how a bunch of assholes and sluts you were.
So most of you know I was born and raised in the Kingdom of Bahrain for 16 years. My college friend once asked me if I would recommend Bahrain as a tourist attraction. I honestly didn't know. What I can say is that if you're looking for natural attractions, or theme parks and all, it probably isn't the place for you. BUT if you just wanna be in a pretty little city, or go shopping for hella cheap in stores like H&M, F21, Topshop, Zara etc., have a decent night out, and eat a lot, then you should check it out. It's a pretty little lit up country, especially at night. There is nothing like seeing the Bahrain lights when you are on the plane and about to land.

(pictures from weheartit.com, I own none of these photos)

American Alley, Juffair. Ahh. I miss this place the most. We currently stay in Juffair and I love it there. I love walking at night or in the afternoon. Everything is in Juffair!
Guys would you do me a favor and go to the link below then like the photo. My really good friend Joliv is joining this Political Science Pageant in her school. She's obviously the prettiest one so please do "like". :)



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