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So I arrived in Bahrain Tuesday night, without my parents', brothers', or friends' knowledge. My sister was on the flight (it was so weird, her serving me) and we went back to her place. We woke up and walked to my parents' flat around 5AM all gross and sticky with humidity and sweat. The look on their faces when I showed up at their door was priceless! I called my titas and my two closest friends at the earliest decent time. My parents had work and my brother went to school so I was left alone at home for the afternoon. We went to Coco's for dinner and it was so good seeing everyone there. 

I've been here for almost a week now. So far I have:

  • gone back to my high school; There's nothing like walking those halls again. The drama queen in me was resurfacing (believe me when I tell you I was the biggest drama queen in high school). I saw my old teachers: the old hags I loathed, and the ones I loved so much. I love how my favorite teachers were genuinely pleased to see me too. Ofcourse we visited "the rooftop" (where couples...). And we took pictures in the old high school toilets. We went everywhere we used to hang out in. 
  • gone shopping; I LOVE SHOPPING IN BAHRAIN. I got jeans, a peterpan collar top, and a faux leather top from H&M, a cropped top from Zara, a hat from Forever 21 all for probably only Php 1500. Plus I've gotten freebies from my titas and friends. I go back to the mall tomorrow :> (I'll put up pictures in another entry)
  • visited Funland; Funland is where we used to hangout back in the day :p It's a bowling centre and ice skating area. We used to walk around the park outside and the seaside used to be open. We'd stay there all day then walk to McD's in Exhibition Road. I didn't get to walk around because of the bloody heat.
  • eaten several times around American Alley; I wish we lived in this area when I was in high school. I probably wouldn't have been as skinny then.
  • seen atleast 3 of my high school classmates :)
  • gotten a new laptop; thanks mom!
  • had like 3 sleepovers with my friends :)
  • tried yoga; It was... an unusual but pleasant experience but I will go for another round before I leave. I don't think I can get really into it but I like how my body feels like after the session. 
  • eaten REAL Arabic food at Al Abraaj; Lamb Tikka, hommos and that chicken thing :))

That's not much but I feel like I just want to bum around, eat home cooked meals, and hang out with the family 'cause I haven't been with the whole fam in one place for about two years. It feels really nice. I'm back to doing chores and I've never been so content with washing dishes :D Our area is so nice 'cause we can just walk to American Alley where all the restaurants and coffee shops are. 

I'm meeting my fiance, Elle(ex-housemate) tomorrow. I try the night life here on Thursday with my sister and her friends. What's left on the list is to meet all, if not most of my high school mates :) I'm just really glad to have this time to spend with the family.

Pics from the plane, yes I have no eyebrows and I look awkward. My sister woke me up to go to the back and take pictures.


the day of the "SURPRISE" (don't I look so hot with my sleepy eyes and haggard face?) Forgive me, I only had 4 hours of sleep after landing in Bahrain and we took a bath in the humidity walking to my parents' place.


with Diana, dinner at Coco's :D
Can I just say, my forehead is really big :))

I'll just update when the rest of the photos are uploaded. My mom has so many already on her BB 'cause she's cool like that =))

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