Jamie Ortega
I'd order bananas and chocolate syrup from the coldstore downstairs. Slice the bananas and pour syrup all over.

Or I'd put the bananas and chocolate syrup in a blender.

Or I'd find flour in the cupboard and make crepe or pancakes and add tiny banana slices and choco syrup.

I'd buy strawberries and condensed milk and that was heavenly.

Or I'd search up a brownie recipe then buy baking chocolate in Al Jazira. If I'm lazy I'd just buy Betty Crocker cake mix and make my own icing.

When I'm on a tight budget I'd just buy some kari-kari chips and dip them in vinegar or slice up cucumber in vinegar and pepper.

I'd also try banana and peanut butter sandwiches but ofcourse make my brother try them out before I did.

I miss my little brother :D

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Jamie Ortega