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WARNING: Crazy fan writing ahead. I can be annoying. I watched the trailer again and got excited AGAIN so shoot me. :))

I read the books last year (right after Mockingjay was made available so I could read them straight) and if you've been following my blog or following me on twitter, you know how much of a fanatic I am of this trilogy :D It has been one year and 2 months of waiting. FOUR MORE MONTHS BABYYYY! I'm sorry I can't help being giddy and excited with the new stuff that keeps getting posted. I follow them of FB and twitter and I've been waiting on every detail (What more the fans who read HG in 2008 had to wait a year 2 years to complete the trilogy?)

I love that the fan base is growing rapidly :) Everyone gets to read the awesomeness!
And honestly yes, I'm glad Ate made me buy the book and I got to read it before most people as cocky as that sounds.

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Jamie Ortega