Jamie Ortega
I bought this book in BOOKSALE in Los Baños and unfortunately I didn't bring it with me to Manila. The book is a collection of categorized short stories about everything and anything. It's quite amusing, very witty and feisty with a few jabs at America (she's Canadian). I love how she captures the absurdities of the world in this book.

I won't go into much detail but I will write down some stuff that stuck to my mind. 
  • Cunt gum ( I need not explain this and I want not to)
  • Hating high school it's hierarchy system, basically hating the mean girls and ironically being given the bitchiest name ever = Heather
  • making fun of her British Husband's accent, "There's nothing you can't face"
  • the trouble of having to put concealer on the c's at each side of her nose

Anyway, she has more significant categories like People Who Suffer, People Who I Admire and the like.
Overall, it's a good, amusing, easy read. 

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Jamie Ortega