Jamie Ortega
It's summer and I decided to spend my less than a month summer break in the dance studio.
I've always loved dancing and danced since forever - no formal training or anything til now that is.
My parents are part of the Filipino Bowling group in Bahrain and I got my first gigs dancing during anniversaries and special events. I went to PSB which exposed me to many dances including folk, ballroom, cheerdance and I guess a bit of pop/hiphop. I loved ballroom the best.

Anyway I got a pretty good offer at Movement Dance Studio. It's Php2888 which is roughly BD25? It's a one month unlimited thing so I can attend any dance class I want in a day for a month :p
So far I've tried popjazz, latin jazz and hip hop. On Saturday I've got Belly Dancing and Vegas Strip. 
I'd really really like to try Pole and Ballroom but they're night classes and I'm scared to go home at night since I dont know the area. I'll try atleast once though. 

yes after taking this photo I swung around the pole :))

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Jamie Ortega