Jamie Ortega
I've been avoiding going on weebly for quite some time now. My reason is honest - I simply had no time. School has been eating up my time and what little time I have left I devote to Agot, pole class, and sleep. There must have been time to write, but there really was no time to assess happenings, emotions and grammar to combine in entries. 

Now I do have time. Classes have been suspended since yesterday and will continue to be suspended 'til tomorrow. Tomorrow will be our seventh suspension. So yes, now I do have time during this difficult time. It's been flooded in the Philippines since the night of the sixth for those who are unaware. I won't even bother posting pictures. I've been stuck in my dorm for two days because the streets are flooded. The weather has been making me so miserable. Seeing pictures of the floods and all the people who were massively affected is just heartbreaking. And I just feel so bad that I can't do much to help anyone right now. I just tried to do my part spreading awareness and disseminating messages. I swear to do my part in helping out in any way I can but it'll have to wait 'til this monsoon passes because right now, I'm just stuck here. 

My heart goes out to all the victims and their families. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
I'm so proud of the rescue teams who have risked their lives to save others and everyone else who went out of their way to help out.

I won't lecture. We all know that we have monsoons and typhoons every year. That is not new. We definitely could have done something about it.

I just hope and pray for a better tomorrow. Hopefully we get to see the sun up tomorrow. We're gonna get back up.

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Jamie Ortega