Jamie Ortega

  • I read a lot on murders. I end up reading articles on the web without knowing what got me on the freakin webpage. In the library, I've ended up reading about infamous murders in Hollywood. I've read about the JonBenet Ramsey case years ago and I've continued searching about development on the case from time to time. It happened December 25, 1996 and the case remains unsolved. I'm really into these cases but I regret reading about them afterwards 'cause I get creeped out, and I feel really really sad for these victims and that there are crazy horrible people out there. I really really hope little JonBenet gets justice.
  • I do not like romance novels BUT reading teenybopper books is a guilty pleasure of mine. I grew up reading Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, The Baby Sitters' Club and the like. I will always enjoy reading about Middle School and High School life. It's fun and stupid and exciting and very very emotional. And as much as I like reading books, I like watching movies and tv series. I've watched The Clique, Sleepover, Odd Girl Out, Victorious, iCarly, WOWP, House of Anubis. I've always loved The Secret World of Alex Mack, As Told By Ginger, Clarissa Explains It All, Shelby Woo and soooo many other movies and that was when I was just a kid!
  • I'm horrible at making new friends. I'm a really quiet person and not really sociable. There's only a few people in college that I consider my friends. I get invites to parties and all but I don't really go out when I don't know the crowd. I meet up with a few people in school, have some girls over at the dorm, and attend birthday parties but that's about it. The regular crowd consists of some high school friends and other people we've met in CSB and that's enough for me. Also I seem to have a common denominator of having someone be my "ate" in a group. I was like the most outgoing person in high school but I guess I have other priorities now :)
  • I will continue this list some other time because, don't tell anyone, we have a wifi curfew in the house. Shhhhh! :))

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Jamie Ortega