Jamie Ortega
  • Single women: Ms Married women: Mrs.
  • Single men:Mr Married men: stillMr!

You'll know a women is married/not single by being called Mrs, by the ring on her finger, even by her belly if she's pregnant.

You'll know a man is marriedonly by the ring on his finger. But what if he takes it off?

See, that's the way society is, that's the way nature is. A woman knows all of this and subconsciously tries to keep her man's attention.
It's also why women are more jealous and accusing than men, think about it :)

Jay Fabian: Don't be a hater.

I'm not I'm just saying there's a natural reason for a woman's jealousy.And it's not fair that married men can't be called Msr. or something.That would sound silly but come on. Ladies have the commitment instilled when they become Mrs, guys should have commitment too don't you think? (another natural reason for guys to be commitment shy)

(inspired by a Psychology class)

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Jamie Ortega