Jamie Ortega
It's my first day this time of the month so that's my pass for being a crazy, irrational, emotional person tonight. It's like someone just keeps spinning my wheel of emotions. It is just crazy.

I watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance earlier today and a routine made me cry.
I watched 50-50 and I cried like a baby.
I read an article and I cried.
I got so excited to have a little project runway (not for me this time) and I was all giddy, planning in my head how I'd work on the outfit.
I was inspired by my favorite fashion blogger (as always), and listed down new items for a new wardrobe - which I can only find in my favorite ukay ukay stores, on a sticky note.
I need to document all these outfits that I've put together in my head after purchasing all items. A photoshoot is necessary. 
I've never hated a person so much. I hope you get even fatter.
I've had so much chocolate today.
I really need to clean up my room.
I think I might start writing in my pretty Shakespeare notebook but I'm thinking of buying a fountain pen first.
I've been thinking of Valentine's Day and I think I want to join in the cliché this year - cheesy sounds really good to me. *hint hint* 

I feel pretty normal now. It's almost midnight. This is good night for now.

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Jamie Ortega