Jamie Ortega
So last week I watched Expendables 2 with the boyfriend and ofcourse I loved it! (like every action movie I watch) I love action movies. I think they are the best movies to watch on the big screen and this is what I love watching on movie dates.

I always watched movies and TV shows of this genre with my dad when I was little. So at some point I was pretty certain I wanted to be an assassin when I grew up. 

At a time Asian-influenced action films were really popular. I watched So Close, Naked Weapon, Ballistic, Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Kill Bill and many other action movies with women leads. I just realized most of these movies are probably R-18 and I probably watched them when I was about eleven or twelve. 

Anyway here are some of the female Asian action film characters I loved so much.

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Jamie Ortega