Jamie Ortega
" I think Mockingjay had to be tragic and it had to leave scars. Suzanne Collins said from the beginning she wanted to be real about war and the aftermath... especially when talking to children. "

I love how Katniss realized that Gale was never what she really needed. I think people suffer a great deal from not realizing this in their own similar situations.

I loved falling in love with Peeta even though I was Team Gale at the beginning of the first book (shush!). I love Peeta for the same reason I love Stefan. " I kept thinking that Katniss was struggling to hold their friendship together because it was one of the few things she had left, even when it was clear to her that they were moving in opposite directions."

I love how Collins killed off Prim - adorable Prim. I don't think anyone thought she would die. Her character was built up very subtly but effectively, making us fall in love with her only to have Collins break our hearts into a million little pieces. She made a great point in taking her away. 

One of my biggest heartbreaks in the series was when Finnick died. He had one of the nicest subplots and he was such an interesting character. And gawd, Annie. Poor Annie.

I love how I first read Hunger Games and didn't think of it at all as a love story. I love how realistic the whole thing was and had to shudder at how close we are to getting there. I love how Collins seems to take a jab at reality shows *cough* Big Brother *cough*. I love the tragedy of an ending Mockingjay was. Suzanne Collins gave us no closure at all to convey her message. 

I love how even though Katniss and Peeta ended up together, they were left broken. And I love how you can turn that around: "That even after all the crap they've been put through, they at least found some semblance of happiness amidst their broken selves."

If you read the books and did not feel that punch in your face, I'm sorry for you.

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Jamie Ortega