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I started going to pole twice a week for summer and I feel like that's not enough already! I have fallen in love with the vertical dance. It's amazing to be in such peace with myself during class. I love the feeling of being able to do something you worked hard for. I'm actually getting muscle-y arms and thighs but that's okay, that just means I'm getting stronger. And I love our school. I love our teachers and I love their story. Pole has been very therapeutic for me. 

Anyway, these are the new tricks I've learned so far. These pictures aren't mine. I haven't had the chance to take any shots of my tricks because I go to class alone and I'm shy to ask anyone to take my photos :)) Even if I did, I wouldn't know if I'd post them online though.

FRONT CUPID - I learned to do this December I think then I had a one month break from pole

CROSS KNEE - I'm really proud of learning this! It's the first upside-down pose! :) Idk what the variation is called but you bend the outer leg and reach that foot with your other hand. I can do that as well but I still have trouble getting up sometimes, having no hands gripping the pole. It's really a core exercise. It's like sit-ups on the pole :))

PLANK - Last week, Teacher CD finally let me do the plank which is harder than it looks. You start with a dream girl, lower your right hand grip, let go of the pole with your left hand and bring it below you then arch your back and throw your head back. Here the strain is really on your thighs.

When I get stronger I can remove my top hand. Hopefully I can do this in one or two more sessions because my teacher says maybe in 2 weeks, I can do the Cross Ankle which is the last photo in this post. :) I'm really really excited about that because that's one of the last tricks for our level. I cannot wait to "level up".

In other news:
  • I've gone to the beach and I've (kinda) gotten a tan.
  • I learned Busta Rhymes's rap in Look At Me Now.
  • I watched SuperBad! Who doesn't love McLovin??
  • My mom and brother leave for Bahrain tomorrow after their 1 month summer vacation here. So I'll be alone again but then I'm gonna go visit them in August.
  • I went to see my first fountain musical in Manila Ocean Park
  • I went to the dentist today and I might get braces in a few months. And I actually want to get braces.

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Jamie Ortega