Jamie Ortega
INTRO/disclaimer: Okay there's this blog challenge that I've seen going on. I don't have time and resources. And I like being a rebel so I'll jumble up this challenge

1.) I like action movies. No matter how loud/violent/bloody. I love watching those kinda movies in the Cinema, lucky boyfriend. :)

2.) I don't like reading love stories. Reading love stories will give you expectations. Expectations will lead to disappointment. Reading love stories will also give you quotes to make you justify wrong actions.

3.) I'm a sweet tooth and I love crime/detective stories.

4.) I have a good long term memory (horrible short term). I'm sentimental that way. I can remember what you wore and what you said and how I felt that time.

5.) I've taken up Aikido. I wasn't half bad at it too! I've always wanted to be an assassin when I was little. Gogo from Kill Bill was my idol. Too bad martial arts hurts and is a pain in the whole body.

6.) I think I read abnormally fast. I remember back in Prep, my teachers/aunts and uncles/parents tell me I read and recite too fast. Okay my record is 3 novels in a day. I'm serious. I think reading and digesting is my strength. I have yet to find a good use for this other than for my own pleasure.

7.) I love dancing. I'm not exceptionally good at hiphop and I'm not a ballet dancer but I've got good enough coordination. I love ballroom dancing. I love Viennese Waltz but tango the most. I think tango comes naturally to me. It's a game of seduction, that's all. It's extremely fun.

8.) As far back as I can remember, I've always kept a small notebook as a kid. I'd write down quotable quotes I'd hear and come across. I always thought I'd be a writer some day. I don't feel that way much now though but I guess that helped me become an okay high school amateur writer. It definitely helped me in English and in essay writing contests.

9.) I am deeply in love with my boyfriend Augusto, can you tell?

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Jamie Ortega