Jamie Ortega

I wrote this back in October 4, 2007 

i love that he notices every little detail..

i love it when he randomly says it...

i love that he's happy when i do little things..

i love the way he looks at me like i'm the only girl in the room..

i love it when his smile just says it all...

i love finding that trace of excitement and happiness in his voice when i tell him.....

i love that when i ask him to just wake me up if i'm still not online.. he won't call me to wake me up.. because he doesnt want me tired

i love that he can tell the world he's in love

i love sitting down with him without having to say anything yet when we leave.. it feels like the best conversation yet..

i love it when he stays in our class even though he'd be late for his next one...

i love that he likes old music as well

i love the way he'd say just says goodbye yet you see more to that in his eyes..

i love it when he replies really randomly to what i say and end up saying the corniest things and it gives me butterflies...

i love it when he gets to that dramatic mode.. hehe

i love that he's been counting the days...

i love the way it is.. i'm so happy.. it SCARES me... but then.. "we'll make it worth it".. and.. "when every second counts.." "always"


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Jamie Ortega