Jamie Ortega
  • I miss walking to Al Jazira with my brother and whoever is over at our place (Diana, Agot, JC or Cye) to buy baking ingredients then walking back home to bake brownies/make crepe/pancakes
  • I remember how tiring it was walking to Funland from Agot's, playing around, iceskating at times, walking to McDonald's and back til like 10pm but we did that every weekend anyway
  • Manama with the moms in the morning = super fun!
  • I remember trying strawberry milk + Frosties with my brother and fxck that was horrible
  • Angelina Jolie has the best movie roles ever
  • I will never forget the day Agot, Carlo and I walked to water garden and rode the Pirate

Well basically I'm just writing stuff that crossed my mind these past few days :) Again, nothing deep in this entry. Pardon Me.

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    Jamie Ortega