Jamie Ortega

left wrist after class, the scratch got swollen and it just looks funny

left wrist the day after

less scratches on my right wrist! :D 

So I think I've graduated from leg wounds and bruises, moved on to wrist and arm wounds.
I just want to say how much I love pole dance. It's really having the effect I want on my body. I just basically feel much stronger. My arms feel better and I feel like it's doing wonders for my abdomen and bum (or that could be wishful thinking) :p

It's really good because every meeting, our teachers push our limits. So every meeting, I can do something new. And the feeling of accomplishment is just amazing. Also I realized I'm the youngest in class. Most of my classmates are like 25-30+ and some already have kids. They often tell me that it's great that I started young and that once you get older, it gets harder for your body and all. And when you're younger you can learn things faster. Okay I admit I do enjoy getting compliments like being a fast learner, or being a professional pole dancer (or so my elder Chinese classmate tells me). Haha. Point is, I love the encouragement I get from my teachers and classmates. The whole class environment feels really nice and home-y and just really really fun. For someone who isn't a very sociable person (especially in school) like me, pole class does a lot for your confidence.

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Jamie Ortega