Jamie Ortega
Christmas, my child, is love in action. Every time we love, every time we give, it's Christmas. -Dale Evans Rogers

This is gonna be my first Christmas in the Philippines. I miss Bahrain, the cruel winter wind in my face, the annual routine Christmas parties, my 2 oldest friends, my aunts, and the whole family. It's the first Christmas we won't be together. 

Our family setting is very very complicated. I know a lot of things I wish I didn't and there are a lot of questions I would like answers to.

I have wondered if I didn't transfer schools, would I be celebrating Christmas with them? 

I am really annoyed at spoiled teenage kids not because they are pampered and get everything they want but because they don't seem to be grateful at all.

The whole family situation upsets me not because of limitations but because I'm being a burden 'cause of my decisions. I just want to graduate quick so I can ease the financial pressure on my parents and sister.

No matter how crazy the family is, we always spend Christmas together but I guess we have to make sacrifices. I love my family and it kills me to be away from them but it can never be about me every time.

Christmas is celebrating the birth of Jesus. We forget that sometimes. It's a holiday so commercialized that sometimes we forget that giving and loving can be done 365 1/4 days not just on Christmas. 

We usually have this melancholic feeling days before Christmas. I think that's because of Christmas break, when our minds are off work and school. We have time for brooding, for realizations, and the lucky people find maturity - in love, in their relationship with God, in responsibility.

This year, I hope the best for the Philippines. (2009 wasn't such a good year)
For my family, I wish for prosperity, strength, health, and love.
For my friends and for the rest of the world I quote a song:

"No more lives torn apart, and wars would never start and time will heal all hearts. And everyone would have a friend and right would always win and love would never end. This is my grown up Christmas list"

For myself I just wish that I do well in school. I hope I won't be such a burden. And I hope that my boyfriend won't get tired of this drama I usually tell him about. :p

I have been blessed with a very kind family, thoughtful friends and a loving boyfriend. I'm blessed with love and when I think of this all my other troubles seem shallow. =) Thank you so  much God. 

I wish you all a Merry Christmas. 

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Jamie Ortega