Jamie Ortega
My aunt showed me this photo of her. She was in college in this picture.
My grandma would always talk about how pretty she was back in the day, how fair-skinned she was, how many suitors she had and how much of a heartbreaker she was. She told us how much of a playboy my grandfather was and how he chose to pursue her out of many. 

Unfortunately my grandfather left her for another woman but up until now, I think my lola is still inlove with him. When she sings, it's because she remembers him. She still talks about how handsome he was.

I cannot tell lies to my future grandchildren and tell them I was very sought after back in my day. I'm very far from that :)) But I'm hoping I won't be telling them about a sad love story.

Lola, I'm sorry you had it bad. 

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Jamie Ortega