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This week I found out there's this Bar Gym nearby my area. I was asking my prof about flairtending after class one afternoon and he said that I should just ask to be taught by people from school who already knew how but he said if I was really interested, I should check out the bar gym where they have tutorials. If you knew me well, this is like totally my childhood dream (don't judge). Hey, I watched Coyote Ugly when I was young and I was really motivated to be a kickass flairtender. I've attended a workshop once and I loved it. I'm not going to lie and tell you I was naturally great at it, I was not. But that did not discourage me. I want to do all those juggling tricks and look cool at that (ha!). I'm definitely gonna check their rates (when I have the freakin' time) and I'm hoping it's not too expensive because I want to get back to dance class asap.

I really really REALLY miss going to dance class. It's my "me time". I mean I go there all by myself and I don't know the people there. I just like to get lost in whatever routine we're doing. I go home and my whole body's aching yet I've never felt better, you know what I mean? It's something I do for myself, no one else, and having to have that something is just really good for me.

I think attending classes like these is therapeutic. I get to sort out issues or rather I remember why I shouldn't be having issues at all. I get to focus on myself and challenge myself to do better. And I make myself better. 

In the meantime I have 6 days a week of school. And in all fairness to myself I think I'm pretty good at managing my time. I always have time for my boyfriend and friends despite the busy schedule. I guess I can squeeze in non-academic classes as well. :)

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Jamie Ortega