Jamie Ortega
So I've got about 30 minutes before my next class starts and I feel sooooo lazy. I just wanna stay here and write. I've got quite a lot to post and I just want to stay in my room. :( We're only in the second week of this term but my subjects this term are pretty demanding. I start my immersion on Thursday for my Front Office Operations class (catch me at CSB Hotel). After midterms, I'll be ready to serve you at Solomon Guest House, Vatel Manila, and Cafe Manille at CSB Hotel. If not I'm probably at the back polishing cutlery for the banquet. Our final project for Financial Management requires quite tedious work though I'm not going to say what it is. All you have to know is it can be scandalous. I'm also the class coordinator for FRONOP1 but I'm grateful for that because I get an automatic 4.0 in exchange for taking charge and doing some paperwork and scheduling. 

Basically, I'm ranting about having too little time for more entries :)) I have to go to class now. I hope to finish some posts later and study for my quiz tomorrow Morning. 

And to everyone in Manila. Please eat at Solomon Guest House tomorrow! It's in Vito Cruz, just contact me. :)
9/9/2013 02:47:12 am

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Jamie Ortega