Jamie Ortega
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"The fact that Bahrain is a really small community is a big factor to my missing these crazy, wonderful people. It’s those times in Seef Mall – the only mall and in Funland then McDonald’s. The boys’ basketball at Bonn’s, hanging out at Cye’s or Agot’s or swimming in Len’s that I’d miss. It’s those card games in class, playing Uno, cutting computer class, looking for any excuse to get out of class. It’s those stupid jokes that gets everyone laughing their asses out. It’s those quizzes we all cheated on, those projects we never did ourselves. It’s when we play Spin the Bottle and no one wants to kiss yet when there’s no game everyone’s making out. It’s those talks and laughs and tears and memories."

(reblogged from my old friendster blog. yes i had friendster)

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Jamie Ortega