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1. Red wallet from Tita Marife - keeps my keys and money ;)
2. E.L.F. Clarifying Powder in Ivory - i like this the best   'cause I never get zits using it unlike some of the big brands, plus it's really affordable.
3. wet n wild bronzer in Goddess - This is the first product I tried of wet n wild. It's a US brand somewhat new in Manila. It's a tad more expensive than E.L.F. and other local/Asian brands. I'd say it's in the price range of Maybelline and Etude House. I use bronzer instead of blush.
4. CSB ID :D (props to my sister for the ID strap & holder)
5. Timezone Card - whaaaat? Timezone is awesome
6. MRT Card
7. Rennie - dysmenorrhea, stomach pain, drunkenness pain reliever from my sister
8. Blush/powder brush
9. wet n wild ultimate brow kit in ash brown - I cannot go out without "coloring" my eyebrows. I have really thin eyebrows but using eyebrow pencil makes it look too harsh. This set comes with 2 shades of brow powder, brow gel, brow brush, and small tweezers. I've had it probably for 6 months now.

10. Clarins lipstick in a light rose-ish shade from my sister - I use this and MAC's faux a lot because their just the right natural shade of pink. This one is less nude than Faux and I love it 'cause it's really moist, no need for lipbalm.
11. Strawberry Chapstick - Manila is freakin' hot. I cannot live without my chapstick.
12. MaxFactor Smokey Eye Effect Eyeshadow stick - I don't usually bring this with me every time but it's great when you've been out all they and have to change quickly for a night out.
13. Revlon ColorStay in warm cocoa - I like to switch up from nude pink to warm brownish red lipsticks especially for school (we're kind of obligated to wear a bit of make-up). It's not too bold, it's just right. And some outfits look better matched with red-toned lipsticks than pink.
14. E.L.F. Highlighter and Concealer
15. my trusty big toothed black comb 

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