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I am a skinny girl and as funny as it may sound I hated it. I was aware that many girls starve themselves trying to get paper thin but trust me, fat people aren't the only kids getting "bullied".

I'd be called harsh stuff like "walis tingting" or "kalansay". People would say, "you look anorexic" or "don't you eat?". Sometimes I would shove it off or when it gets to me I cry. I hated my body so much. I'd think about it at night and would hardly get some sleep. I am not exaggerating.

I guess all you need is to accept that we all look different, a bonus would be having someone to love you just the way you are. It takes a while but you get past it. It also helps knowing you're healthy despite your weight. Being fat or thin doesn't really make you unhealthy. It's good to know you're normal. If you're thin, be glad you can eat everything you want and you can show off your flat tummy. If you're fat, show off those curves and be glad you have the boobs and the bootayy, ha!

I'm glad to say I've made it through the skinny issues. :) 

So basically this entry is for those bitches and assholes who ridiculed you

who made you feel sorry for yourself

who made you feel not pretty enough

who made you feel too skinny

who made you feel too fat

who made you feel not good enough

who made you feel different

and who made you feel less of a person.

Fuck them idiots. I raise my middle finger to everyone who ever made us feel that way. 

Join the revolution, love your body.


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Jamie Ortega