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So this kind of vandalizing happens in CSB too. You'd think students from SHRIM would be classy what with our coats, skirts, stilettos and made up faces. I found these in the cubicle of the rest room on the ninth floor. (I would just like to say that the ugliest toilets are on the ninth and 10th floor. And we have beautiful toilets on the other floors.) I'm betting these were done by freshmen.
I had to change the contrast settings of the photos to show you what's written. The writing's not very dark in person. Translation: "Jem (I can't read the surname) is a slut" and "Paula Ortiz is a slut" with a bunch of side comments.
Girls, please fight properly. This stuff just doesn't work. How 'bout you try it in person, yea?
..because Happy Chinese New Year is too mainstream
So we found "black lipstick" that wasn't black lipstick at all (I cannot tell you what it really was out of shame). Then we went up to my aunt's room and applied black lipliner and black eyeliner. I must say, black really brings out the scary asian ghost in me. It really brings out my pale skin.
My cousin's a better model though.
And I shall leave you with this unexplained photo: 

THAT, my friends, is my lousy attempt of being creative with naming posts to compensate for my lack of actual "word" entries. I hope it served it's purpose.

There are times (most of the time) when I have nothing specific, nothing in particular I want to write about. And there are times where I have the urge to write but I refrain from doing so. You should know I was successful doing the latter. I predict this post to be a mish mash of rants, insults, and ideas (sensible and nonsensical) - which should not be taken personally, should one relate.

  • Let me begin with STUFFS. I have emphasized this many many times before. You may only add 'S' to the end of "STUFF" if you use the word as a verb. Par exemple: She STUFFS her bra. I'm not much of a grammar nazi but STUFFS just ticks me off. 
  • I am currently learning French again. I've had a year of French back in first grade and I remember it was a love-hate relationship. I loved learning the language, I hated my fat French teacher because she'd always scold me whenever I left my textbook. Now that I think of it, I always left my textbook. Anyway, my professor now is a pretty lady who doesn't want to seem to talk to us in English while in class. I have to concentrate on what she's saying because there is much similarity between French and English words. I never understood the Filipino expression, "nose bleed" but I did feel as though my ears were fucking bleeding. It feels so nice to hear her speak in English in the rare occasions that she does. I will now never talk Tagalog with other people while a non-Filipino speaking person is with us.
  • Now let me complain about people thinking I'm a loner. I don't really have a permanent group or circle of friends in school. I may not have a lot of friends but people love to have me as a group mate. Lol,jk (kind of true which may seem kind of bad but it's not). When people meet me they tell me, I'm so quiet - every.freaking.time. I'm not a loner. I may only have a couple of friends in college but what does it matter? I mean I have great friends, and more so, I have a wonderful boyfriend and not a lot of people can say that. What's wrong with wanting to keep to myself in school? What's wrong with just wanting to stay in sometimes? I have a social life after school, I have a love life, and I just thought of something else. Anyway I'm just not very good with meeting new people because I am such an awkward person. What's wrong with being that kind of person? 
  • I go back to Pole Class tomorrow and I'm getting a class card and I'm just really really excited. On a side note, though I don't socialize much in school, I'm better at it in my classes outside school. Hopefully I get to join the summer recital.
  • I hate girls with so much confidence. I'm not saying I'm gorgeous. I mean, I don't think I'm better than them but I don't think I'm worse. There are just some people who are so full of themselves. Ayoko talaga ng nagmamaganda. What's worse is that there are girls like that who try to make other girls feel bad about themselves. You can't be (insert offensive word you think is appropriate here) and mean at the same time. 
  • Bitch, I hope you step on a lego. Everyday. 
  • I hate it when people.... type with... so many... ellipses. It's not cute, guys. I... just...can't.
  • I hate it when people can't spell right or have really bad grammar and blog for all grammar nazis to see.
  • Oh if I haven't already mentioned it, I just turned twenty three days ago. It was bitter-sweet. I had never been so overtly emotional and sensitive on a birthday. I need a new short description for my blog and in social networking sites but I'm sticking to this for a while. I shall now watch Pretty Little Liars. I hope you were briefly entertained.

-your favorite teenage Dirtbag :)


Here's your regular dose of Hunger Games. 2 months to go. <3

I hope the new fans actually see beyond the love story and actually understand what this trilogy is all about. See the whole picture.
Sweet like apple vodka/gin :)

Sometimes, I like going on youtube to check out makeup tutorials. This is supposedly an Effy Stonem look. I wanted to try a trashy, messy look and I really adore Effy. The camera doesn't capture the makeup quite well or I didn't do the makeup quite right. It came out too clean, I didn't get to fix my eyebrows and this would look better with falsies but this'll have to do. I only did one eye hence the hair in my face. 

In other news, party tomorrow :)
I HATE IT WHEN I SEE PEOPLE TYPE "STUFFS". "STUFF" is already plural. "Stuff" does not refer to one item/object/thing so you may not say or type "STUFFS". Got it?
I used to get really upset when someone would comment on my tiny frame. But now, I take it as a compliment. I can eat anything I fucking want without feeling guilty or worried about gaining weight so bitch, please! 
I'd say I have a good heart but I can't help but wish you the worst, if not, at least I hope you have it really really bad.

Jamie Ortega