Jamie Ortega
I came across this gif and I remembered how much my heart broke during this scene (Damn you, Peyton Sawyer!). Brooke Davis will always be my favorite :)
Hi. So this week I went to a neurologist because of the too frequent migraines I've been having.
Now I have to lessen my intake of seasonings/condiments, cheese and chocolates. 
Also, I have too much muscle tension in my back and neck. Doc says I shouldn't stress myself or think
I was given prescription for three different meds and I need to start taking multi-vitamins.
My gawd, I feel old.
Oh and I'll be getting my head CT scanned tomorrow.
Exciting, don't you think?
Lol jk, I hope my head and nerves are normal. 

That's what's up. :)
I shall fall asleep listening to this:
I love being taken care of - especially when I'm sick. And I feel like such a baby because of it. There's nothing like, "are you okay?" or "do you need anything?" or the simple "Get well soon". There's nothing like the extra attention, time, and concern when you're really not feeling well.
I like to pretend these were written for me. I mean, c'mon, Weezer AND Dashboard have their versions. And the lyrics of Jamie All Over... *le sighh 
(I own none of these photos. Images from www.weheartit.com but mostly from random searches on search engines ^_^ )
It's my first day this time of the month so that's my pass for being a crazy, irrational, emotional person tonight. It's like someone just keeps spinning my wheel of emotions. It is just crazy.

I watched an episode of So You Think You Can Dance earlier today and a routine made me cry.
I watched 50-50 and I cried like a baby.
I read an article and I cried.
I got so excited to have a little project runway (not for me this time) and I was all giddy, planning in my head how I'd work on the outfit.
I was inspired by my favorite fashion blogger (as always), and listed down new items for a new wardrobe - which I can only find in my favorite ukay ukay stores, on a sticky note.
I need to document all these outfits that I've put together in my head after purchasing all items. A photoshoot is necessary. 
I've never hated a person so much. I hope you get even fatter.
I've had so much chocolate today.
I really need to clean up my room.
I think I might start writing in my pretty Shakespeare notebook but I'm thinking of buying a fountain pen first.
I've been thinking of Valentine's Day and I think I want to join in the cliché this year - cheesy sounds really good to me. *hint hint* 

I feel pretty normal now. It's almost midnight. This is good night for now.
They need to sell tickets early! 

Jamie Ortega