Jamie Ortega
I am not an easily likable person. I am envious of those who could get along with people they just met. I am horrible at making conversation. Most of the time I keep to myself and yes, I am very quiet. I am really very awkward. I hate it when people ask me why I'm quiet, I mean I don't ask them why they never shut up and I don't tell them when I really just don't give a fuck. 

Sometimes I wish I were loud and funny and witty and adorable like most people but I am not. I wish I were the life of the party but I am not. I wish I was a person who could make you feel at ease immediately and not bore you to death or deafen you with my silence.

And I would like to confess that I think I relate more with 9GAG posts than I do with people in general.
Oh look how much I have changed since high school!


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Jamie Ortega