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Again, please bare with me. I am really sorry I haven't posted in so long. So so long! And thank you, really, for those who still check on my little website. Thanks :)

It's been pretty busy. So much to do (so much I want to do) and so little time. Then there was the typhoon which kept me stuck in my tower of a dorm room for a good two days when it was supposed to be a long weekend. 

I have been watching The Mentalist, it's okay I guess. I like shows about serial killers. It's pretty good but not as good as Criminal Minds, Dexter or Bones. I think the problem is the protagonist seems to be doing most of the work and solves all of the crimes. It's almost as if he could do everything by himself. But I like Patrick Jane. He's lovable and well, broken. His character build-up is pretty good.

I've also been watching Dollhouse again. It seems the shows I like always get cancelled. Is it a coincidence that they're always about conspiracy? (you see how my mind works now)

I have been listening to Demi Lovato's Here We Go Again album and I love it (don't judge). Her songs were well, put it this way, you could practically hear something was up. Or that's just me. I love how much feeling you get out of her music. And so I'm back to playing my guitar (Agot's been very patient teaching me) :) 

I broke my laptop again. Goodbye movies, series, and all the great albums I downloaded. 

I'm currently reading Lovely in Her Bones, it's about a forensic anthropologist. I picked it up at Booksale which is hella cheap! Any mystery-crime novel is good enough for me.

I've been painting too and I love it. I bought myself a paint brush set and this umm plastic palette thing. It's really relaxing and therapeutic and it's amazing how much you can make with just two colors. I haven't given up on drawing and I'm moving on to different cloth now.

I've been trying to make new friends. Hanging out with different circles. It's funny how I hang out with different groups on different days. There's the TTh dinner group, the Friday group, and the first term group. Other than that I've got the same group of friends since high school. I've apparently become anti-social and it's so weird how different my social life is now but I've got other things in mind. But I get to hang out with really good people the past few days.

I've been reading Filipino literary works in English. Dead Stars by Benitez is pretty great. There are a lot of great works but I prefer them 

I've got a fine dining event on July 1 and the attire is Filipiniana. I'm planning to have my own project runway and transform a gown I already have to fit the required attire. Basically I'm figuring out how to make those butterfly sleeves. I'll post that when it's successful. ;)

I've been drinking so much milk tea to calm down but that always ends up with me staying up late.

I've been writing in my diary (yes I do keep one) almost daily. 

There was a week or two where I felt highly emotional and sensitive. I felt like the only good thing going on for me those days were my grades (not to brag). No need to go into full details. Basically I felt broken hence the new stuff I've been busy with, I've been trying to relate. I guess I just needed a little insanity for a while. But all's well now :)

Last Monday and yesterday I was with Agot and his sister Pixie cause she needed my help picking a dress, accessories and shoes. That was nice. She's a really sweet girl.

Anyway, I've got homework and a poster for kids to finish. I'm hoping I can finish that quick so I can continue reading my book.

Post again real soon.

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Jamie Ortega