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I've been living in the Philippines for 2 years now, and I guess I can say that it's a pretty liberal country compared to Bahrain. People dress the way they want, speak the way they please, and treat rules as suggestions. You've gotta love the Philippines! Over the past two years of residing here, I have encountered too many people that make you go, "What the fuck?!"

Here are some of them:


  • lady in the MRT with a heavily made up face? after a few minutes in the train, her face looks like it's melting
  • lady with a darker complexion using snow white face powder?
  • man in the MRT/LRT only wearing a "white sando"?? If the lady behind him turns around she'd be face to face with a bussy armpit
  • person in the bus listening to his/her music, having a concert of his/her own??
  • group of girls at the mall dressed up like they're going clubbing?
  • group of teenagers practically shouting at each other and blocking the escalators near the cinema?
  • people dressing up like their favorite anime characters except there's no cosplay event?
  • guy "wearing" his cap which means his cap is  just placed on top of his head?? the cap is supposed to be worn and fitted, you just make your head look long!
  • girls wearing knee-high boots to the mall? Philippines is a tropical country people!
  • person next to you in public transportation falling asleep on your shoulder you have to give him/her a good nudge to get them off you
  • mother with her teeny infant in the MRT, who couldn't be less than 4 months old, pulling down her shirt to breast feed?? (i'm all for breast feeding and all but cover your breasts woman!) i was standing right in front of her and was shocked pretty darn good.

I KNOW you guys can relate, there's probably a lot more incidents but these are some of the highlights :)

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Jamie Ortega