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" I think Mockingjay had to be tragic and it had to leave scars. Suzanne Collins said from the beginning she wanted to be real about war and the aftermath... especially when talking to children. "

I love how Katniss realized that Gale was never what she really needed. I think people suffer a great deal from not realizing this in their own similar situations.

I loved falling in love with Peeta even though I was Team Gale at the beginning of the first book (shush!). I love Peeta for the same reason I love Stefan. " I kept thinking that Katniss was struggling to hold their friendship together because it was one of the few things she had left, even when it was clear to her that they were moving in opposite directions."

I love how Collins killed off Prim - adorable Prim. I don't think anyone thought she would die. Her character was built up very subtly but effectively, making us fall in love with her only to have Collins break our hearts into a million little pieces. She made a great point in taking her away. 

One of my biggest heartbreaks in the series was when Finnick died. He had one of the nicest subplots and he was such an interesting character. And gawd, Annie. Poor Annie.

I love how I first read Hunger Games and didn't think of it at all as a love story. I love how realistic the whole thing was and had to shudder at how close we are to getting there. I love how Collins seems to take a jab at reality shows *cough* Big Brother *cough*. I love the tragedy of an ending Mockingjay was. Suzanne Collins gave us no closure at all to convey her message. 

I love how even though Katniss and Peeta ended up together, they were left broken. And I love how you can turn that around: "That even after all the crap they've been put through, they at least found some semblance of happiness amidst their broken selves."

If you read the books and did not feel that punch in your face, I'm sorry for you.
You're Welcome! :)
Thank you TheHungerGames twitter account! Posted this here and on fb (first to post
Prim is just adorable and so is Rue.
Effie is as imagined (minus the seemingly British accent).
Peeta.... oh Peeta
Cinna... Haymitch... ahhhhhh!!!!
Cato is hot
And I am excited to watch Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss! Go Katniss!
Thank you movie makers for making an awesome trailer! Stoked!

I CANNOT WAIT TIL MARCH 23. Will definitely buy tickets in advance.

WARNING: Crazy fan writing ahead. I can be annoying. I watched the trailer again and got excited AGAIN so shoot me. :))

I read the books last year (right after Mockingjay was made available so I could read them straight) and if you've been following my blog or following me on twitter, you know how much of a fanatic I am of this trilogy :D It has been one year and 2 months of waiting. FOUR MORE MONTHS BABYYYY! I'm sorry I can't help being giddy and excited with the new stuff that keeps getting posted. I follow them of FB and twitter and I've been waiting on every detail (What more the fans who read HG in 2008 had to wait a year 2 years to complete the trilogy?)

I love that the fan base is growing rapidly :) Everyone gets to read the awesomeness!
And honestly yes, I'm glad Ate made me buy the book and I got to read it before most people as cocky as that sounds.

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I bought this book in BOOKSALE in Los Baños and unfortunately I didn't bring it with me to Manila. The book is a collection of categorized short stories about everything and anything. It's quite amusing, very witty and feisty with a few jabs at America (she's Canadian). I love how she captures the absurdities of the world in this book.

I won't go into much detail but I will write down some stuff that stuck to my mind. 
  • Cunt gum ( I need not explain this and I want not to)
  • Hating high school it's hierarchy system, basically hating the mean girls and ironically being given the bitchiest name ever = Heather
  • making fun of her British Husband's accent, "There's nothing you can't face"
  • the trouble of having to put concealer on the c's at each side of her nose

Anyway, she has more significant categories like People Who Suffer, People Who I Admire and the like.
Overall, it's a good, amusing, easy read. 
SYNOPSIS:Robin can't believe it when her boyfriend, Chris, tells her that his parents have enrolled him in a summer program in Rome. It's their last summer together before he goes away to college, and now they won't even have that time together. It feels like the worst thing that's ever happened to her.Since Chris is leaving, Robin agrees to join her aunt and cousins on a cross-country road trip, in spite of her reservations — she and her younger cousins have never really gotten along, and since their father's death they've become even more problematic than before.

Soon the four of them are zigzagging through the West on an eye-opening journey. They explore parts of the country Robin never dreamed existed — and she discovers inner resources she never imagined she had.

I came across this book when I was still in Los Baños. I bought it in BOOK SALE where books are dirt cheap and I was first drawn to the cover design. Sadly it's still at my aunt's place in Los Baños along with atleast 20 more books boxed up.

I was really able to relate with it being seventeen and inlove and staying with relatives and just being in that stage where change is inevitable. The characters are colorful, the scenes are picturesque and the drama is all you can ask for. ;) The girl, Robin, is honestly such a needy somewhat immature in the beginning but she transforms quite beautifully.

I will always hate myself for leaving those books behind especially this one. This has a special place in my heart.
Before anything else, a big THANK YOU to everyone who still reads my blog. It's not really a big number I'm just glad to see the stats and see there are people who regularly check out my obsessive, complaining sometimes dramatic sometimes nonsense sometimes narcissistic posts. Thanks for the time. :)

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I'm sorry I cannot stop posting about these books. The movie is gonna be out soon and I don't wanna be selfish but It's not gonna be the same when everyone knows about it. Good that their gonna get a bigger fanbase but I hate it when there are know-it-alls cause let's face it, many many people are like that. If you read the books, fine, but if you're just basing it on research.. not cool. I want it to turn out like the Harry Potter saga not Twilight.

I'm not sure how the movie can ruin the books I'm just sure that movies find ways to all the time but I'm sure it's gonna be a movie to see anyway. I love how the story is so much like our world now. It's not exactly and literally like what takes place but the whole concept it's based on. I love the drama and the tragedy as well. And I love Peeta Mellark

So after, when he whispers, "You love me. Real or Not?"
I tell him, "Real"

Honestly, I liked Gale better in the beginning but I'm for KATNISS-PEETA.
Gale's too... well risky I guess. He has anger issues. He's too focused on his feelings that he sometimes loses emotions and his sympathy for other people. I guess this is why I don't like Damon for Elena (TVD), Sure he loves Elena but he doesn't mind hurting the people she loves. Stefan would never think of it. 
I like Peeta. He's gentle and would never hurt anyone. He seems so warm and sweet but protective and he seems funny :D
Sooooo Movie, please be good. I'm super excited for you. I CANNOT WAIT TO SEE THE TRIBUTES' COSTUMES FOR THE PARADE! Peeta and Katniss on fire ftw!

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